Welcome to Tarra!

Protecting what makes your house a home

We are a company that produces beautifully designed home goods; ranging from outdoor patio covers to interior decorative pieces. We take great pride in producing top quality fabrics that help to protect and showcase the items that you love. Mother Nature loves to boast her power on your outdoor goods, but you can always trust a Tarra cover to keep it out of harms way and looking good as new.


We gratify our customers by protecting the possessions you love and keeping them out of harms way.


  • We will always strive to be the best. We are constantly improving our designs and materials to ensure you're provided with top quality products.
  • We love our customers! The key to any good relationship is honesty and communication. Tarra connects with customers to ensure they get a product that they're proud to own cause if it matters to you, it matters to us.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Proud to be making the covers you love in the country you love!


We are customer servants who take pride and pleasure in seeing our vision fulfilled while living our values.